Tree of the Year - Scots Pine

Pinus sylvestris

The Scots pine has no flowers but it still produces pollen and seeds – inside the cones. Thus, its flowering could be called coning instead.

In spring, when pines cover every possible surface with a sulphur-yellow layer of pollen, they pose a threat to allergic people. Luckily though, pines cause them less trouble than birches, alders or hazels.

Straight mast pines and stunted bog pines or coastal pines belong to the same pine species. The growth of several-hundred-year-old bog pines has been stunted by the lack of nutrients in bogs, while coastal pines have been bent at the will of strong winds over time.

The title of the tallest tree in Estonia is held by a Scots pine. The approximately 47-meter-tall Ootsipalu Pine in Põlva County is over 200 years old. It is also the tallest Scots pine in the world.