Moss of the Year - Shingle moss

Neckera pennata

Shingle moss is easily noticeable: it often grows at eye level on deciduous tree trunks. The flat curved moss plants with wavy leaves are easily distinguishable from other species.

The moss grows in old natural forests. If you find some, explore the surroundings carefully – you are likely in a rare habitat where many endangered species of plant, animal and fungi typical of native forests live.

The moss is under protection. Currently, it can still be seen relatively often in Estonia, but due to the clearing of old forests, there are fewer and fewer suitable habitats. If the ancient forests disappear, this moss will too.

Moss researchers have tried to relocate it – fortunately, most of the mosses planted in the cracks of old aspens have begun to grow.


Aasta sammal 2022 on sulgjas õhik. Foto: Kai Vellak