Nature hikes

Come on a hike with us!

We organize nature hikes during all seasons:

MAGICAL WINTER HIKE – let's listen to the quite of the forest and enjoy the fairytale landscapes. Perhaps we will find footprints of some animals or other signs of their activity.

EMERGING SPRING –  spring in the bog is a wonderful time. You can listen to bird song and admire the emerging delicate flowers. 

TENDER SUMMER HIKE – in summer the bog is filled with the scent of Marsh Labrador Tea and one can find the bell-like flowers of cranberries.

COLORFUL AUTUMN HIKE – autumn is a special time in the bog, because only then can one see the colorful moss, red cranberries and view the birds preparing for migration. 

We offer our hikes in two bogs  – Pääsküla and Palasi. If you wish to organize a hike in a different place, let us know and we can discuss the options!


Pääsküla bog is situated on the edge of Tallinn and is about 5000 years old. On the hike we will use the boardwalks and fores trails, examine peat pits, get aquainted with bog plants and take a look at traces of activity left by the beavers. In the end of the hike we will visit the observation tower and see how the forest recovers from fires. 

The hike lasts approximately 2 -3 hours and is about 4-7 km longs. 
Price: 170 €, meal and warm tea for additional costs. 


Palasi bog is located in Rapla county and filled with bog ponds. On the hike we will admire the bottomless bog ponds and snack on some cranberries. We will learn hwo to walk in the bog and how to avoid being sunk in by it. 
On the hike we will use snowshoes. Snowshoes make the hike special, because using them makes it possible to access places that are otherwise unaccessible. 

The bog can be reached from Tallinn also by train. 

The hike lasts for approximately 3 hours and is about 12 km long. 
Price for adults 25 € per person. For students, pupils and pensioners 15 € per person. 
The price includes use of the snowshoes and gaiters. 


The hikes are suitable for adults and children starting from the age of 7. Minimum group size 15 people, maximum 25 people. 
For larger groups please ask for more information and a quote.

To book a hike or ask any additional questions please contact us at @email.