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Peeter Laurits "Something’s related to everything"


For the first time, the exhibition hall of the Estonian Museum of Natural History has something that exceeds the limits of disciplines and helps tie together something that was never really apart. The exhibition Something’s related to everything by Peeter Laurits offers new ways of seeing nature.

In nature, the invisible and barely noticeable processes are far more important than the visible and tangible ones. We seldom see what is under the ground in the dirt that is brimming with life. We only notice a small part of how something is related to everything else in the eye of life. The consciousness of other life forms, their interpersonal relations and reciprocal impacts are outside the range of our senses. From here, we must rely on our knowledge and imagination. The invisible can always be envisioned.
The exhibition in the blackbox of the Museum of Natural History consists of large-scale photos taken over more than a decade as well as a video and an audio installation authored by Ann Reimann and Veljo Runnel.

Peeter Laurits (b. 1962) studied at the State Universities of Tartu and Leningrad, the Estonian Institute of Humanities, and the International Center of Photography in New York. For Laurits, the main creative outlets are photography and digital manipulations. He has enriched the means of photographic expression and expanded the role of photography in the Estonian cultural space. In the 1990s, he was involved in media-critical games as part of the DeStudio group; however, he soon turned to deep ecology, moved into the woods, and dedicated his life and creation to neolithic and post-industrial principles. Currently, his art revolves around post-humanist ethics. Laurits’ personal exhibitions have taken place in London, Berlin, Moscow, and Chiang Mai; his works have been purchased by museums and private collectors and he has been commissioned to create monumental artwork for public spaces. In 2017, he was invited to become a visiting professor of liberal arts at the University of Tartu; starting from 2021, he curates Biotoopia, an international theatre and art symposium.


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The exhibition is located in 1st floor exhibition hall.