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Mushrooms as Seen by Children

Price: Täiskasvanu: 8 € / Sooduspilet: 4 € õpilased, üliõpilased, pensionärid / Kuni 8-aastased lapsed: 0 € / Perepilet: 16 €


When we started planning the 60th Mushroom Exhibition in the beginning of this year we set our hearts and minds out to fill the museum with amazing mushrooms. To guarantee this we decided to hold a drawing competition for children. And as the dry mushroomless autumn has proved, we made the right decision.
Alltogether 63 drawings were submitted to the competition from children’s art schools and elementary schools. All of the drawings were very spirited and depicted both mushrooms of specific species, as well as some from fairytale forests. One could see that the topic had inspired children. And this made the job of the jury a lot more complicated.

14 of the best drawings reached this exhibition, that should satisfy even those with a more demanding taste in art. The mushroom enthusiasts are sure to find their favourite species and others can enjoy the more fantastic scenes from the everyday life of forest creatures, that may or may not be based on true events. 

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