How Do Animals Prepare for the Seasons?


at the museum

Price: Preschoolers and 1st grade pupils: 2 € up to 25 pupils per group / School students starting from 2nd grade: 5 € / Teachers: 0 € (2-3 per group) / Virtual reality movie: 2 € booked with the lesson
Lesson duration:

45 min

Lesson are suitable: 1. grade, 2. grade, 3. grade, 4. grade, 5. grade, 6. grade, 7. grade, 8. grade, 9. grade, 10. grade, 11. grade, 12. grade

In this lesson we learn the animals and birds that live in Estonian’ forests. We approach the animals through three different seasons (autumn, winter and spring). The main emphasis is on the adaptation of mammals and birds. In addition to the wildlife in the exhibition, we will look closer and pet genuine stuffed animals and horns. Children learn  ​​where wild animals live, what they eat and how big they are in reality.

Autumn in the wild - how are the animals preparing for the winter? Students learn about the migration of birds, the collection of food supplies and fat and also about winter hibernation.

What do wild animals do in winter? Students learn how animals protect themselves from the cold and where they hide. What do they eat in the winter time. Students will see animal traces and try to guess who they belong to.

Signs of the Spring in the Nature - what changes take place in the wild in the spring? We listen to the bird songs and try to guess whose song it is. Students learn why do the birds sing, how they build their nests. 

Programs are carried out according to the age of the students.

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