Estonian Wild Animals


at the museum

Price: Preschoolers and 1st grade pupils: 4 € / 2nd grade pupils: 6 € / Teacher: 0 € (up to 2-3 per group)
Lesson duration:

35-45 min

Lesson are suitable: Kindergarten, 1. grade, 2. grade

This lesson provides students with the opportunity to learn about most commonf forest animals in Estonia – brown bear, wolf, fox, moose etc. Students will learn how do these animals look like, where do they live and what do they eat. We will talk about camouflage and how different animals use it to stay safe in the forest. We will also cover the topic about the safety around forest animals. Students can listen and learn the animal sounds and see what types of signs animals leave behind. In the end of the lesson students can touch and see genuine stuffed animals and horns.

Programs are carried out according to the age of the students.

To book the program please write to @email