13 March 2024

Come and celebrate the beginning of spring with the Natural History Museum!

This year, spring starts on 20 March at 05.07. For almost half a century, this extraordinary moment in the cycle of the year has been celebrated with the day "Spring walks through the town and the Hometown House and its good friends walk with it". One of the stops is at 29a Lai Street, at the Estonian Museum of Natural History.

At exactly 11.07, when the spring walkers arrive in the courtyard of the Natural History Museum, they will be greeted by the museum's staff. Together with our Nature Circle instructor, teacher Linda Suurmetsa, we will take a tour of our garden and see together the signs of budding nature and the arrival of spring. Let's welcome the beginning of spring and nature awakening from its winter sleep! You can taste "Kaseke" sweets and birch juice 😊