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Maria the Sturgeon’s Dream

The immersive exhibition „Maria the Sturgeon’s Dream“ tells the story of the Baltic Sea’s history, nowadays and future through an audio-visual experience. The exhibition is created in collaboration with dramatist Urmas Lennuk and is featured with the voices of Ülle Kaljuste and Argo Aadli.

In the seemingly traditional exhibition hall of the Baltic Sea, the exhibits come to life. When the visitors walk into the room, they step into an underwater underworld. As one of the two main characters, Maria the Sturgeon’s mulage  is back on display – Maria the Sturgeon is the biggest fish known to be caught form the Baltic Sea. Alongside it, many awarded and masterfully created fish mulages that introduce the species living in the Baltic Sea help to tell the story.

The immersive exhibition focuses on the importance of the sea, brings out the changes caused by human activity and asks the visitors to think about how and what can every one of us do for the Baltic Sea.

Exhibition curator Lennart Lennuk: 

Together they create an image about the Baltic Sea that goes across generations and includes topics from the health of the sea to its inhabitants, including subjects as pollution redaction, benefits sea gives us, excess nutrients, alien species, micro-plastics and drug residues, but also the cultural value of the sea”.

The animated visuals for the immersive Baltic Sea exhibition are created by BOP Animation and the sound is composed by musician Sten-Olle Moldau.


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