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Eimar Kull - The Carpet People

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This exhibition here has been created thanks to the photo competition held in 2022 by a magazine Eesti Loodus (Estonian Nature).  Eimar Kulls is the laureate of the special prize of our museum.

The title of the exhibition "Vaibarahvas" ("The Carpet People") is inspired by a book of the same name, written by Terry Pratchett, humorously describing insects living in a carpet. Insects also inhabit moss carpets, snow carpets, and grass carpets.

Eimar Kull was born in Pärnu, where he still lives and works. He began taking photographs in his childhood. Then came a longer break, and he rediscovered photography for himself in 2008 when he bought his first digital camera.

"I photograph people, landscapes, still lifes... I love nature and its inhabitants. I would like to capture them all, but I enjoy macro shots of nature the most. The world of insects is very special. You can encounter them all year round. And if you learn to recognize them, further photography becomes easier. You know where the insect lives and how it might behave," says Eimar.

"I hope that viewers will enjoy my photo stories."

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